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Bekerja di rumah dengan baju tidur, tidak baik untuk kesihatan mental

Dapatan itu diperoleh saintis di Australia yang mengkaji situasi berkenaan dalam kalangan pekerja di lima pusat penyelidikan. Source link

Working from home in pajamas could be bad for your mental health, but it might not harm productivity

Failing to get dressed for work could be bad for your mental health, scientific research suggests. Source link

Tortilla challenge: The new sandwich breaking records on TikTok

This time, it’s a tortilla-sandwich mashup that has sparked the internet’s creativity. Source link

L'Oreal responds to push for natural ingredients in make-up

This includes developing new ways of extracting or producing ingredients such as Vitamin-C or hyaluronic acid. Source link

The man who saves forgotten cats in Fukushima's nuclear zone

The cats also gave him a reason to stay on land that has been owned by his family for three generations. Source link